To my dear pet, Popo

One of my regrets in life is not taking good care of you when I had a chance.

It’s been a year since my dear pet passed away, I can still recall the last time I saw him. With his weak body, he walked towards me, I pet him for the last time and left. I few days later, I received a text message from my mom saying that my pet died, I cried and my heart was torn apart.

May 2013- March 2017

My dog and I had a long distance relationship, but he wholeheartedly welcome me every time I make a visit back home in Quezon. He was the perfect dog yet I am not the right owner. Those were the awkward stages of my life –  the times that I was battling with the pain that I kept for the longest time and building my career trying to prove something. I didn’t realized that my dog took all the weight of my ego.

My pet’s passing thought me valuable things, I learned to forgive and let go of all the hate. I managed to settle my personal issues. Even my perspective of buying pets changed. Adopting from animal shelters are better than buying from pet shops. I may not be ready yet in getting a new furry friend now. But I will forever remember Popo.

Today marks his first death anniversary. Til next time, buddy! <3

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