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Me and my furiend
Me and my furiend

About Me. By traveling we meet new people, well, I’m so fortunate to meet this furiend.

Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. -unknown

Hello folks, I’m Jessa! I created this site to share (some) of my life adventures – travel, career, hobbies and random activities. My life is no extraordinary, but I’m making it worthwhile. I want to influence others to appreciate life more and start finding their purpose. By doing so, we can satisfy every single aspect of our life – work, health, learning, social and spiritual. That’s why I believe in work-life balance. A fruitful life should not only be based on material possession, it’s a whole package. Besides, we only have one life, use it wisely you silly! 😀

I’m not a writer by profession so don’t expect a well-written articles from me. The closest writing activity that we, software engineers, do is putting /*comments*/ on computer programs – that is, if we feel like doing it!